The 2nd Date – Valentine’s day memory

In 1996 I met Renee, while shooting pool with my buddy Joe.  I thought she was too cool for me, but ended up asking her out on a date anyway.She said yes.   Our second date consisted of a fantastic meal at this nouveau Sonoran joint in the East Tucson desert.  In the parking lot, I showed her a cool trick I could do, where I could jump like 3 feet straight up from a squat, and land on a parking lot pylon.  She thought it was really cool, and I really liked that she thought it was cool.  Later that night we went to her apartment and folded laundry.  We did this while watching bad Sci-Fi movies in black and white.  The best one was about a Killer Tumblweed that trapped two stranded motorists in a shack.  We laughed, and beer came out my nose.  We never even made it passed 2nd base, we were having too much fun.I knew then, that I’d probably never find a girl I liked as much as her.  Happy valentine day, Renee.

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  1. <p>Hey Ashley,</p><p>Have you ever googled yourself? Man! your all over the internet. Well im not trying to creep on your life, it was just a shock when I saw your name online and it acctauly turn out to be you. My dad says hey. </p><pre><code> Sincerely, Tyler Cox</code></pre>

  2. <p><a href="#comment-314" rel="nofollow">@Tyler Cox</a> </p><p>Hilarious Tyler. I’d hardly say I was “all over” the internet, but I am a technology guy, so a little of that is to be expected. Also watch out for the female verion of me from Memphis, she’s a 3rd or 4th cousin, but her name is Ashley Raiteri as well. I think she has a MySpace page.</p><p>Say hi to you dad. And you mom. We haven’t been back to Mexico since we saw you guys there last time, but you’re welcome to come visit us in Spain.</p><p>ash</p>

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