Ashley Raiteri

hands-on technologist and builder of winning and welcoming high performance teams

Senior Principal Engineer – digital strategy
Nordstrom Q22018 – Current
  • leading digital technology org planning for internationalis/zing to access additional 350M in demand.
  • developing enterprise wide strategy for best use of serverless/faas technologies, docker / kubernetes.
  • supporting cloud spending optimization and technology hygiene, analyzing existing architectures for over 400 different application teams
VP Product Engineering

Avvo – Q1 2018
Joined to help startup jump start it’s scale-up product development efforts, got acquired 2nd day.  Helped managed pivot to EBITDA focus vs Growth Strategy. Managed difficult significant staff reductions

Chief Information Officer

Airhelp – 2014-02 – 2017-12   CTO/CIO leading engineering, product and data departments

Grew this Y-Combinator graduating company from $1M => $85M in gross annual revenue, managing a group of 120 in product/tech out of a staff of 550

  • Establish CTO role upon Y-combinator graduation. Built engineering organization to 60+ in 9 months.
  • Realized hockey-stick revenue (5x) growth and increased operational capacity by building Enterprise Partner platform.
  • Reduced labor costs 20% by building customer service platform, smart document collection, document generation and claim processing systems powered by Machine Learning classifier bots.
  • Hired and mentored a new CTO and built a top-notch data science group as Chief Data Officer
  • Established the transitional product team hiring VP of Product and oversaw product delivery and operations teams consisting of 130.  
  • Led development of technical stack heavily centered around automation, machine learning, predictive models on Amazon and Google Cloud using docker, lamdas, serverless framework and micro-service architecture (python, rails, sql, machine learning, jupyter, golang, docker, terraform, twilio, mandrillapp,  kibana, rabbitmq etc )
Product Strategist

Hewlett Packard Travel Division – 2014-02 – 2015-06
Developed multiple go-to-market product strategies for HP’s Travel and Transportation Division. Defined new product portfolio architecture  for Airline Product Ecosystem and designed HP’s Travel Product platform. Led development of ‘One Data’ an integrated data management and BI product. Led and defined the 2020 Product Vision for  HP Travel Division. Led HP’s strategy on BI and Analytics products in the travel sector. (kafka, vertica db)

Data Scientist in Residence

SITA Lab – 2012-08 – 2013-12
Invited to join this air industry funded product research laboratory. Developed multiple prediction models for real time Airport Passenger flow using Monte Carlo and ARIMA methods. (java, mongodb, ruby, d3js, perl, matlab, R programming language). Managed collaboration with Georgia Institute of Technology to invent new approaches examining massive data streams from airlines operational sources.

Technical Founder/CTO

Startups (Pintrips & Flextrip) – 2011-07 – 2012-07
Designed & implemented products for consumer travel applications. (rails, js, apache solr, xml apis, mongodb, postgres)

Technical Founder & Chief  Technical Officer

EVERBREAD LIMITED – 2009-06 – 2011-02
Lead the development of EVERBREAD, a award-winning pricing and shopping engine, HAYSTACK, that allows airlines, online travel agencies, and travel consortia to offer cheaper fares on a greater number of flights.

Developed HAYSTACK, a flight and airfare search engine that combined multiple sources of airline fares (ATPCO, IATA, OAG, SITA, Low-Cost Carriers, private fares, paper data base). Drawing on different industry data sources, HAYSTACK returned a broader range of flight options to B2B customers and through them, to the end consumer.

Due to the variety of data sources, developed improved algorithms and custom-built hardware to match the software needs, HAYSTACK was built as an accurate, faster, and comprehensive pricing and shopping engine that provides an extended result set of priced itineraries and flight options.

Technical Director – Manager of Business Integration-

HELLO GROUP/SAXO BANK – 2008 – 2009-06
Hello Group is a full service digital creative agency. Achieved 360 Agile Process integration, delivered 300% conversion increase to major financial sector customer with new web platform, led highly motivated and talented team of engineers and designers.

—- 14 years of defense and aerospace engineering and management

Founder, CEO, CTO

Achieved 1M+ profits in 2nd year of operation.
Profitable self-funded start up that played a leadership role in the US Army’s Future Combat Systems program. We also built and deployed an AI based Medical informatics platform for Hospitals called Focus+.

System  Architect and Software Developer

(started as an algorithm & software developer)
Designed and built rockets, missiles, Airborne lasers, air traffic control systems, commercial aircraft test systems, satellites, autonomous tanks, IED detectors, and much more that I can’t talk about. Worked as a consultant, employee and advisor to Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon Missiles Systems and Lockheed Martin. Received regular accolades for rescuing programs that were over budget and off schedule. Developed multiple engineering processes that became Defense Industry standards within teams of experts including the original authors of UML and SYSML.

Technologies included but not limited to. (C++, Ada, Perl, Python, Java, SOA, XML, CORBA etc)


Bachelor of Physics
Georgia Institute of Technology
1989 – 1994