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Ashley Raiteri

& travel startup advisor

formerly Tech Founder & CTO Everbreadflextrippintripsairblackbox

Product Manager/Strategist at HP Travel, Data Artist (chief data scientist) @ SitaLabs.  specializing in solving pd-hard problem sets. (pd = pretty darn). Active startupper and all around technologists. Also acting as technical advisor to various startups and startup communities.

Experienced Technology Executive with

26 years of software engineering and management in the software.

real-time embedded applications, system of system complex architectures

13 years of experience in Startups, Travel, Medical and Consumer companies as technical founder.

                  medical informatics, forex trading, flight shopping engine, flight metasearch, tours and activities recommendation engine

15 years of experience data science, data mining, scalability, cloud computing solutions.

battlefield info grid, forex trading, sub 1-second flight/fares results, activity recommendation, airport flow predictions


Technical Founder/CTO at Focus Plus, Everbread,Flextrip,Pintrips, , AirBlackBox & Airhelp.

Business and product-focused technologist I began my career as a rocket scientist in the Arizona
desert. I’ve launched an ICBM interceptor from the south pacific into space and several startups. I’ve
led teams of hundreds of developers and managed complex military, financial, medical, and travel
platforms. After launching a consulting firm focused on making “web 2.0” useful, I moved to Europe in
2008 to work closely with investors in the next gen of web tech. With over 26 years of professional
experience as a developer, manager and executive, I focus on being an inspiring leader who can bring
out the best in my teams and staying sharp as an innovative individual contributor. The pace of
technical change keeps you on your toes, but the fundamentals remain the same: focus on the goal,
plan for risks, and continuously measure progress. I’m unconventional but experience enough to
remain practical. My passions are for team development, data, data vis and customer value. I strive to
be always learning, and to continue to be devoted to my peers and employees.

“I love Big Data, Super Ninja teams, and impossible challenges.”

— Ash Raiteri, The A Team


Focus is Process, Process, and Process, mixed in with a dash of

Ashley Raiteri’s Specialties:

Executive technical management, startups, big data, travel tech, product design, api development

MongoDB, redis, mysql, mssql, RoR, Ruby, Python, cucumber, haml, bootstrap, css 3, less, map reduce, hadoop, pig, hive,

mahout, jquery, node.js, ember.js, html5, json, R, matlab, scipy, java, xml, C++, PHP

medical analytics, data mining, Ajax, BDD, scrum, lean, process, scalability, metrics, data vis, information architecture,

enterprise architecture

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