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I’ve tried to provide a “Like” button for co-workers and employees most of my career.  It’s always been my contention that a win-win deal is the best kind of deal (My daddy learned me that one), and that treating people with respect and encouragement will only pay off in the long run.  I’m not shy to cut staff or trim company budgets when need be, but I’ve always tried to do it with dignity and to help everyone to either succeed or fail with grace.

Here’s a sample of what my customers, colleagues and staff have to say about me.  For more see my LinkedIn Profile.


Recommendations For Ashley

Chief Technical Officer

Everbread Limited

“I have the pleasure working for Ashley and for the first time ever in my twenty years in travel have I come across a brilliant technical person who also excels in social skills and emotional intelligence. He is intelligent, sharp and a demanding leader but at the same time the greatest people person ever, hearing his voice over the phone always makes me happy and that is a rather unique quality.” January 16, 2011

Ann Cederhall – Airline Industry Expert, Senior Product Manager, Everbread Limited
reported to Ashley at Everbread Limited

“In short, I’d work for Ashley again if given half a chance. I cannot imagine a better professional relationship for me than working as Ashley’s deputy, a situation that made me a better scientist, a better executive, and a better person.

Ashley shares a number of traits with most successful technology executives, enormous drive to succeed, great people management skills, a deep knowledge of the technology domain, and an instinct for what will or will not work as a product in the marketplace.

These abilities are nice, but what sets Ash apart in my book are two properties you rarely see in senior technologists. First, the ability to mix technology solutions with practical business approaches; “Maybe we shouldn’t bother implementing that feature and just call up the customer and renegotiate?” He asks the kinds of questions that cause subordinates and peers to *think hard* about their approach and often agree that their expertise isn’t the right way to approach a problem. Indeed, often the most difficult product and business decisions are deciding what *not* to do–and Ashley handles these question with an ease that I envy.

The second difference between Ashley and everyone else that I’ve worked for–and even met–in similar high-level jobs is more important than all of the above: He really cares about employees as people and cares about the organization as a place where we (his word) should do the right things. I’ve personally seen him put colleagues health, family, or community ahead of his personal objectives–and probably to his own detriment in the short term. In the longer term, Ashley will always come out ahead of the more hard-nosed executives because of his humanity.” January 16, 2011

Ian Smith – Computer Scientist, Deputy CTO, Everbread Limited
reported to Ashley at Everbread Limited

“I had the pleasure of working with Ashley in 3 companies so far, and it was an enlightening and fresh experience to work with a person that besides having highly sophisticated technical skills, also had the mixture of being able to combine those with stark social aspects and sales language.

I’m happy to being able to call Ashley a mentor, a colleague, a boss and a friend, all at the same time. The level of energy and enthusiasm with which Ashley approaches his commitments, the inner hunger for problem-solving and thinking outside of usual patterns and the honesty and respect towards co-workers in the working field are truely inspirational aspects; I have no doubts about however the future progresses and no matter where I end up, I would not hesitate working with Ashley again.” January 13, 2011

Markus Stefanko – Entrepeneur – CEO PitchXO, Head Integration Engineer, Everbread Ltd
worked with Ashley at Everbread Limited

“Ashley is your best choice for Chief Technical Officer or Advisor. Every encounter that I had with him, was a proof that not only he understands the technical aspects of a pletora of problems but has a deep down to earth, understanding of their business implications. Extremely loyal and reliable to an extent that is rare now a days. I would always hire him as my right hand and feel safe with my choice.” January 13, 2011

Svetoslav Sotirov – Entrepeneur, Owner, Gugga
was with another company when working with Ashley at Everbread Limited

“Ashley joined Everbread at a formative time, and was an important part of its creation. He works enthusiastically, with energy and determination – skills which enhance his solid, fundamental knowledge of building industrial quality, yet flexible systems. He is always willing to take on new tasks, and work constructively with new team members. He also represents the company well, and professionally with clients and suppliers” January 9, 2011

Michael Jackson – Venture Capitalist, Various, This and that
managed Ashley indirectly at Everbread Limited

“Ashley is one of the most intelligent persons I ever had the pleasure to work with. Although not originally from the airline and distribution industry, his knowledge and understanding of the needs of his customers in this very specialised field still amazes me. On top of that, not only is he an outstanding technical person (he is after all a rocket scientist), but he is also a top sales person who pursues win/win deals with his clients.
Working with Ashley has been a highlight in my career, and I can only strongly recommend him.” December 16, 2010

Bernard Stauffer – Managing Director,  
hired Ashley as a IT Consultant in 2010

Manager of Business Integration

Hello Group

“Ashley’s versatility meant that in the period I worked with him he filled out many different roles in Hello Group. From developer to account manager he always delivered more than what was expected. His energy and new ideas will make him a valued employee in any company.” June 23, 2009

Søren Juul Rasmussen, Solution Architect and Microsoft Team Lead, Hello Group
worked directly with Ashley at Hello Group

“Ashley is a highly motivated, energetic individual who has an amazing ability to tackle problems and get the team to perform above and beyond expectations. His leadership in challenging environments and against impossible deadlines really means he is an outstanding asset to any project team. Ashley also possesses the sense of humor, creativity and dedication necessary to achieve the best results. His level of technological knowledge and skill in applying the appropriate process means he is an extremely valuable asset to any product or business.” June 3, 2009

James Kelway – UX Guru, Senior Information Architect, Hello Group
worked directly with Ashley at Hello Group

“Ashley is without doubt the most skilled software engineering generalist I have ever had the pleasure working with. His capabilities far extend anything I have ever found in anyone else, whether the task at hand was low-level system debugging, damage control and risk assessment, project management or being a skilled diplomat on critical yet problematic projects he has been second to none in coming through as one of the true professionals I have met in my career. I give Ashley my absolute and most sincere recommendation, I trust he has the capability to be an invaluable asset to any organization in any situation doing anything.” May 23, 2009

Peter Andreas Mølgaard – CEO Nexos, Senior Software Architect, Hello Group
worked indirectly for Ashley at Hello Group

“Ashley is the best technical projectmanager / process expert that i have ever had the pleasure to work with.

He has exceptional skill to get a quick helicopter view of a highly technical project. He manages to keep a friendly tone even in stressful situations.

Privately i have had the pleasure to spend some very good moments with him. He is a good friend, a great colleague and a top manager / leader.” May 13, 2009

Paw Suddergaard Senior IT Architect at Falcon Social, Flex Developer, Hellogroup
worked directly with Ashley at Hello Group

“Ashley is one of those guys you keep in your eternal contact book because you KNOW you’ll be working together in the future” May 4, 2009

Rico Tijsen – Entrepreneur – Designer – Wizard, Creative Engineer, Hello Group
worked directly with Ashley at Hello Group

“I have been working with Ashely during 6 months and I have always said that if I had my own company, I would hire him in a heartbeat. He is never tired, he never complains about the load of work and he is always thinking of new solutions, new ways, new technologies.
He is really passionate about his job. When he is working he forgets to eat. He is totally focused on delivering the project in the established timeframe and that (plus getting the best solution and result) is his sole objective.
Regarding his leadership skills, he always has the right word for every moment. Ashley has the ability to get on well with people, he has a knack for knowing what client or people want to hear and he just says it.
In short, I guess that it is sufficiently clear that Ashley is highly recommended.” April 23, 2009

Soledad Medina Manzanilla – CEO Barambambu, Project Manager, Hello Group
reported to Ashley at Hello Group

“Ashley excels. Not only is he able to combine a very strong business focus with excellent technical comprehension, he is also a natural leader, a true champion of change and a very considerate and loveable person. He is excellent at motivating his team for success, always looking for strategic and tactical opportunities to improve and add higher value. As a strong, experienced technologist, he is very analytical, focused and driven in his approach to work. He is willing to tackle difficult issues and see them through to completion. All of this he does with a positive, upbeat attitude. We worked closely together on a very demanding account and as the account director Ashley almost carried out three full time jobs at the same time over a period of five months and still managed to deliver way beyond what could be expected by him. The client had outsourced their entire web presence to us and Ashley and his team managed to finish off work in three months that would otherwise have taken a year if performed by the client themselves. It was very impressive and I give Ashley my most respectful recommendations. If chance should allow it, I would work together with Ashley again in a heartbeat.” March 23, 2009

Bo Damgaard,  Managing Director OMD Danmark –  Account Manager, Hello Group A/S
worked directly with Ashley at Hello Group

Account Director

Saxo Bank A/S

“As Global Webmaster at Saxo Bank, I had the pleasure of working with Ashley on the global and regional roll-out project for Saxo Bank’s new web presence – a key project for our company.
Ashley proved a resilient leader heading up a team of in-sourced Hello Group employees under difficult and pressured circumstances, to meet a near impossible deadline.
Through an enviable never-say-die attitude, immense faculty for creative problem solving, impressive organisational skills and vast knowledge of the web environment, Ashley successfully met the tight deadline, helping to deliver a final product that was rapturously received throughout Saxo Bank.
In summary, I would have no hesitation in fully recommending Ashley based on his knowledge of the online environment, the excellent results he delivered on time and his amiable personality, which always made him a pleasure to work with.” April 26, 2009

William Leahy  Chief Editor at Nordea Bank
hired Hello Group (Ashley as Account Director in 2008)

CEO / Principal Analyst

Ignite Analytics Corporation

“Ashley is one of the savviest, most caring guys I have ever worked with. Founder and President of Ignite Analytics, Ashley never stopped impressing everyone with his advanced knowledge of so many fields, from software, network, quality, process, and electrical engineering, to project management, team leadership, client services, motivational speaking, sales and marketing development, organizational development, and strategic management. He demanded excellence, and brought out the best in his employees, clients, and suppliers. He cared so much about his employees that he was willing to make huge personal sacrifices to provide the most forward-thinking, mainstream, positive, empowering and rewarding corporate culture that anyone could ask for. We all loved working for Ashley because he is so energetic, optimistic, friendly, communicative, smart, witty, generous, caring, and has a brain that works like a cluster of nitro-boosted CPU’s, each crunching down on complex tasks simultaneously, all while joyfully sipping his seemingly bottomless iced café Americano. Ashley is a tech wizard, with the analytical, interpersonal, communication, management, and leadership skills that will always keep him in a league of his own, and earn him life-long friendships far beyond the daily grind.” March 13, 2009

Scott Richardson, COO, Ignite Analytics Corp
reported to Ashley at Ignite Analytics Corporation

“IGNITE is the real deal. As a consultant, Ashley has been an tremendous asset to our business. He is a heavy-weight hardware/software expert who proved to be adaptable to a climate of high growth, rapid roll-out of new tech solutions – all without compromising customer service. His experience in managing international technology teams is unrivalled. Having him supervise our in-house programmers saved cost and time, while preventing the common coder disease of analysis paralysis. The qualities that I most closely associate with Ashley are:

– Excellent depth of technology experience – focused on customer & solution. Bleeding edge innovation-driven manager.
– High Level strategic thinker.
– Strong communication and influencing skills.
– Successful leadership of functional managers with a sizeable team; a wide skills span and managerial expertise; inspires the team to win.

Highly recommend Ashley’s services and glad to provide more detailed recommendations for prospective clients of Ignite.” July 29, 2008

Arican Wegter
hired Ignite in 2008

“Ashley is extremely intelligent and just “gets it” quicker than probably anyone I have worked for. He also has the ability to think outside the box and imagine a radically better end product. To back this up, he keeps on top of the latest tech developments and examines the pros and cons of the various engineering approaches to implementing that better product. Excellent skills in requirements analysis, software and system design and implementation. Ashley rocks.” January 14, 2008

Stacy Johnson Christopher, Senior Software Engineer, Ignite
reported to Ashley at Ignite Analytics Corporation

“Ashley produces superlative work while meeting all deadlines and milestones. When I needed a miracle, I would turn to Ashley and the teams that he led. I could count on Ashley to get me the results I needed. In addition to completing the work, Ashley provided insights into the skill sets that would be need to reproduce or maintain the products that he delivered. I would not hesitate to hire Ashley again in the future.” January 14, 2008

Keith Van Brocklin,  
hired Ignite 2005

“Ashley and I worked together early in the US Army’s Future Combat Systems Program to help develop and define the methodologies that would be employed in the systems angineering group. In this capacity Ashley performed with inteligence and grace producing some outstanding and professional results. It was a real pleasure to work with him.” August 29, 2007

“Ashley, elaborately attentive to the big picture and its underlying currents, immediately comprehends any challenging situation, conceives viable solutions and inspires excellence in action. It is a great opportunity and truly a pleasure to think and to learn in the environment fostered by Ashley.” July 3, 2008

Steven Michael, Systems Engineer, Boeing
worked directly with Ashley at Boeing Commercial Airplanes

“I had the pleasure to work with Ashley Raiteri while working at Boeing Air Traffic Management. From the first day that I met him, I was very impressed by the tremendous software skills that Ashley possessed. He was one of one or two engineers that I would always turn to if I had a particularly difficult software problem that I could not figure out on my own.

In addition to his very significant software capabilities, Ashley was a pleasure to work with as he is bright, interesting, engaging, and knowledgeable about a range of subjects above and beyond software development. I would not hesitate to recommend Ashley as he would be an outstanding high quality contributor to most any technology project that I can imagine.” July 27, 2007

Craig Rosenberg, Ph.D., Human Factors Engineer, Boeing / CDI
worked directly with Ashley at Boeing

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