Rails Rake tips

rake tasks

Here’s a tip:
If some of these tasks are actually “private” tasks that only get called by other Rake tasks,
leave off the “desc” line in the task definition.  And Voila, your rake -T list will get a lot cleaner.


Thanks to Erik Debill for his nice post on Rake and some Advanced Tips for using it.

Judge Not lest Ye Be Judged – Gigabit Google Challenge

UPDATE:  So the BIG news I had was about Gramercy Private Equity’s prize offer.  See below the fold for details.

Google is rolling out its experimental Gigabit Broadband Fiber  networks across the country in lab like experiments.  One of the early locations is Kansas City and Think Big Partners, a local Incubator that has sponsored a Business Plan competition worth $100,000K.  The Gigabit Challenge.

I’m honored to be a part of the judging panel with some very esteemed folks from  both local KC Enterprises like the Kauffman Foundation, and National players like Silicon Valley Bank.

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