The 2nd Date – Valentine’s day memory

In 1996 I met Renee, while shooting pool with my buddy Joe.  I thought she was too cool for me, but ended up asking her out on a date anyway.She said yes.   Our second date consisted of a fantastic meal at this nouveau Sonoran joint in the East Tucson desert.  In the parking lot, I showed her a cool trick I could do, where I could jump like 3 feet straight up from a squat, and land on a parking lot pylon.  She thought it was really cool, and I really liked that she thought it was cool.  Later that night we went to her apartment and folded laundry.  We did this while watching bad Sci-Fi movies in black and white.  The best one was about a Killer Tumblweed that trapped two stranded motorists in a shack.  We laughed, and beer came out my nose.  We never even made it passed 2nd base, we were having too much fun.I knew then, that I’d probably never find a girl I liked as much as her.  Happy valentine day, Renee.