Trust Dusty

Trust and now dusty after useI rarely make product recommendations, but I realized this morning that I was using something all the time.  It was so reliable and useful that I forgot I was using.After losing my USB Iphone charger and the Laptop USB Iphone Cable I found myself in Gatwick needing a charger for my iphone.  I bought the first thing I found in the Airport shop and it turned out to be a winner.  I guess it proves the point that a great product is one that you use so much and so easily that you don’t even know you are using it. (There was a link to the product, but it’s not for sale anymore.)  It take a little getting use to, you have to be careful how you retract, use both hands and pull evenly on both side, but if you learn to do it correctly it NEVER tangles.So it’s cheap, it’s sturdy, it’s compact (when retracted) and I carry it in my pocket or my satchel everywhere.   Importantly the cable connections are flat ribbon style so unlike the usb sync cable that comes with the Iphone, it will never get pinched or break at the connection point.  5 out of 5 Stars!