Things my wife says



So yesterday while putting together yet another pair of endtables with my wife Renee, I asked her if she had seen my legs (she had the box with all the parts in it). She turned to me and says in a deep throaty pirate voice

Aye, shapely enough to make any man quiver!

Renee Raiteri

On Being Foreign

This article in the economist is pretty helpful in understanding how we’re living our lives these days.I owe Denmark a giant apology. Spain as well. Recently I figured out that one of the main reasons life has been so difficult over the past 2 years has been that we are foreigners. I know this doesn’t seem like much of a revelation, but it actually is. In the beginning of being an expat, you see yourself as “on an adventure” and it can be quite frustrating just how unadventurous figuring out how to get home heating oil delivered in your new host country can be.But the main point here, is that I want to apologize to the people of Denmark and Spain. I can’t say I was a gracious guest. I complained all the time about how strange and difficult a place it was, (and is with regard to Spain). When in fact, it’s not difficult for Danes in Denmark, no is it difficult for Spaniards in Spain.I suppose it might be difficult for Danes or Spaniards in the USA, but I know for a fact, that most of my complaints have been not about the place where we’ve been living, but about the context of being a foreigner.Odd, and obvious little realization. Felis Navida. Gød Jule. Merry Christmas