What it’s all about is how we react to the changing circumstances around us and how we manage to make big things and ideas come from the connections. This is my personal space to talk about the endless river of time and shifting circumstances.  Life isn’t so much like a river as it is a rolling stone, edges being ground down, sometimes landing in a pile of fertilizer and other times in meadow of lilac and thyme.

This is where you’ll find endless pictures of my kids, my beautiful wife and sometimes my old mug. Doing the things we do, as best as we can and without too much fanfare.

The name Chaosophy is the title of book by a french post-deconstructionist (technically I think he’s called a structural
post-structuralist) that influenced my thinking when I was in my twenties.  Please don’t ask me to debate anything related to deconstruction-ism, post modernism or semiotics unless you’ve brought an aged bottle of red wine and some fine tapas. You can google it and maybe it’ll come up.

More directly, I was born the youngest of Middle Class parents, and raised in a textiles-mill town whose best days were behind it.  My father was an engineer and then a Salesman, with workaholic tendencies and a dedication to his craft he eventually became an successful Executive, retired early, ran a start-up and retired again.  My mother was an artist before she became my mother, and remained a veritable dilettante (I mean that favorably)  as a woman,  but more like Athena as a mother.  She ran a crafts store, painted, played piano and instructed me or had me instructed in all the arts and skills I was supposed to have to be well rounded and educated.


I was intellectually lazy and barely escaped from Georgia Tech with a Degree in Physics, but soon took as serious interest in software development after I began working as a Missile Scientist in the Arizona desert.  I met a woman, fell in love, and we began to raise a family, but within a few years I turned rogue and began hiring myself out to whichever defense and space company was in the deepest trouble and therefore paid the highest rates.  We moved through Madison Wisconsin, Rockford Illinois, Louisville Kentucky and San Diego.

My wife and I eventually landed in Seattle where we re-built a craftsman bungalow and raised our second child.  Much of the work was done with our own two hands (She was a professional designer and musician at the time ) and after a while working for someone else began to get under my skin.  We started a defense systems consulting company, started a medical start-up within that and I got my first tastes of Start-up fever.  

So we put the house on the market, got out just before the big crash, moved to Europe and let the start-up fever wash over us.  We have lived in Copenhagen, Denmark; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Mallorca, Spain.

We’ve since moved back to the USA (10/2011).  We’ve lived in Chapel Hill, NC, Boulder Colorado, Portland, and Seattle as I pursued Big Data science at various startups, time as Chief Data Scientist at Sita Labs, followed by time as the Strategic Travel Product Advisor for HP Travel and Transportation.  Along the way I continued developing expertise in airline and airport product strategy and selling my time consulting with various players in the industry.  Eventually, I met Henrik and Nico from Airhelp.com who I will forever be grateful to for inviting me to help out which ultimately led me to work on developing the tech, product and data science groups that power the company today.

After almost three years (two of them living in Europe again) we moved back to Seattle – which we seem to always do – and I’ve been working in the booming tech scene here since 2017.

For more details on my professional life see my CV page or message me on LinkedIn

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