The way things are supposed to be

Every now and then something is exactly as it should be. Maybe its a painting you see, a restaurant you visit, or customer service you receive at a store. Creative Commons is a perfect example of this. Ordering a phone line from Telefonica in Spain is the exact opposite. I came across Mutopia when searching for Creative Commons licensed sheet music. Basically every form of commericial content should have a Creative Commons equivalent.  Unlike Open Source, Creative Commons is more like “public domain”.  It is generally not a collaborative work, but it often requires Lots of Volunteers to bring the public domain content to access, or its 1 author who is being generous with their work (most often a photo.).  I started looking for Creative Common content for sheet music because  I thought it might be nice to remember 8 years of piano lessons and learn to play again.

 I am so pleased I did. Why shouldn’t I be able to download a composition from a composer who has been dead for 200 years.  I should.  Sometimes what you expect, what the internet promised you, happens the way it is supposed to.