Ezra’s Casket

Ryan working through things

When our baby Soren was stillborn a few years back, one of the most cathartic experiences I had was working with our friend and master carpenter to build a tiny casket from some Brazilian wood, with pegs and glue only.  Rami helped me make it pretty ornately, but it was no bigger than shoe box.  I was heartened to read our friend Ryan Sherman’s Memorial blog about Ezra who passed away this year recently where they described the funeral.

 Particulary I though about carrying the casket together as a family. And having no hearse. And Ryan building the casket.   How good.  I think it must have helped with the grief.  

Cella and Josiah and renee all helped with the pegs in the final part of putting Soren’s casket together and that memory will always help me when I feel sad.   http://ezrasherman.blogspot.com/2009/02/snowy-burial-day-february-26-2009.html

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