Typical Startup Experience

via Wired, Zapicks and Gizmodo.

This video reminds me of the standard progression of most startups.  You start off confident, you gain speed.

You get a little overconfident and try to go up the side of the hill, you flip (or pivot) and then you began a fast paced descent.

Perhaps you’re running out of funding, you have internal founder fights, or a competitor has come along when you fumbled (think Digg vs Reddit), then the next thing you know:

The snowmobile is barreling down the hill after you about to crush you (think of when Twitter changed the Rules on Twitter Client Developers, you pivot again, and now you’re chasing the snow mobile down the hill (Taking more Risks) trying to Salvage what’s left of you dream.

Unfortunately most Startup Trajectories don’t have the happy ending that this brave adventerour did.

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