Tweets and Twitters

I recently came across a number of interesting uses of Twitter that I thought were inspiring. The thing about facebook that really made it take off and hit the media in terms of buzz and attention was their Application Framewok. That’s the part of the facebook website that allows other companies to write Extra things. You’re probably using many of these on a regular basis, but the whole concept of allowing third parties to have such an impact on the User Experience of your company’s product is insanely innovative. It would be as if Coca Cola licesended its secret syrup and allowed third part soft drink companies the ability to create New Drinks from the Coke sauce. But that’s just what they did, with a LOT of restrictions however. You can only do things that fit within the Facebook API. Creative Application developers have done a lot with this limitation (games, mash-ups, music referalls, and integrations to other existing products)

Tweeters from Denmark

don’t like the twitter per post thing. So, I’ve manually created a weekly digest. Need to ask alex to add that as an option. I don’t twitter enough for a daily digest, but weekly might be cool. Anyway, I’ll unpost those tweets and here they are for reference. If you tweet in a forest and no one is following you, does Twitter still crash?”doing it l8r”