Appreciation for Craft

Every musician should do at least 1 month as a piano bar player or as a husker in a subway, it would go a long way of removing that Sense of being a Genius and help them to understand that Music is as much a craft as it is an art.

I find it odd how few people know that Hitler was in the Art Scene before he was in the Evil Monster Scene.

All architects should spend a summer as a brick layer or an electrician or roofer or some such so they cam gain an appreciation for the army of sweat working craftsman who will bring their genius creative master pieces to life. Concrete, they should spend a month pouring concrete.

Most Chefs appreciate this principle most of them have worked as Dishwashers. Most will still pull such a shift if the need arises.

All dad’s should pull at least 1 2 week solo shift in the first 3 years of their kids lives, and another during the ages 9-12.

Every VC should spend a summer trying to raise Money from people who have never heard of them.

Every programmer or web designer should spend a few weeks work as a car salesman, or benefits manager or better yet in a technical support call centre.

Know the shoes your colleagues work in. Appreciate their craft, and be grateful.

Google is NOT too big to innovate

flydini FAST

Recently There’s been a lot of muttering as of late about Google being too big to innovate, and this is the reason Top Talent is jumping to Facebook.

But that ignores the simple fact that sometimes it’s much EASIER for a large company to innovate.  At Everbread, early on, before we had much of a product, we branched some flight routing code to generate a Flights exploration tool and skinned, launch a private Beta product called (the site is no longer active, but I’ve added some old screen grabs)  It was never meant to be a product, just a few days of coding to explore some ideas, and a week or so of design and UX work.   Continue reading “Google is NOT too big to innovate”

Moving to Denmark

I’ll skip all the this is my blog and here’s what I want to say. We’re moving.We have to get rid of most of our stuff! I’m going to put a bunch of ads on craigs listbut I am certainly going to try and point those ads to here and put up as many pictures of what needs to be got rid of. If you live in the Seattle area, give me a call and let’s make a deal.