SmokesBeerandWork are also Drugs

Running is a drugRunning is a drug, but smoking, working, drinking…these too have powerfully addictive qualities. I went 5 days without running last week, then we did our thing with the Texas round-up which involved a little bit more training but then I went off to Seattle to work, and only managed to actually run a full 5k one time along the Seattle Elliot Bay parkline. Dang. This thing is probably going to take some serious commitment.

Running is a drug

So, just back from Copenhagen, where I rode my rented Bike everywhere (I wonder if Markus – my friend there – ever returned the bike for me, cripes, that would be a lot of rental days unused!)Anyway. So being back on the bike made me feel POWERFUL.I wanted to replicate that feeling so as soon as I got back to Austin I started running. Basically I hate running. Always have. I prefer to swim. Continue reading “Running is a drug”