Blood Love

Rock Bottom Riser – By Smog, Bill Callahan

I was listening to this song as I wrote this post, so you should too when you read it.  Bill Callahan aka Smog, if you like it you should buy it.  There is Christ Love. And their is the love of Man, the kind that Gandhi was preaching about. These have their place in the universe, but their is also a place, a very elemental place for Blood Love.So I was thinking about love and family and what is all about. I feel really lucky to have the kind of family I do. The parents that raised me. The talk when I was growing up, especially as a teen, was about how other families worked…and how we’d never be like them. That maybe they seemed kind of Ozzie and Harriet but what we had was better for us. We had real dialouge. The good, the bad, and lots of the ugly kind of dialouge. The thing about is, that we knew you couldn’t change who you were and who your family was. Continue reading “Blood Love”