Running is a drug

So, just back from Copenhagen, where I rode my rented Bike everywhere (I wonder if Markus – my friend there – ever returned the bike for me, cripes, that would be a lot of rental days unused!)Anyway. So being back on the bike made me feel POWERFUL.I wanted to replicate that feeling so as soon as I got back to Austin I started running. Basically I hate running. Always have. I prefer to swim.But the lake here has this great 10 mile loop with shortcuts around the way to shorten the run to a 5k. So I started doing that, and well I am hooked.Renee says, I am pretty much obsessed. Its been only 7 days I’ve been home and I’ve run 5 of them.Cella is running with me too sometimes, dang her 6 year old legs are so cute trying to set a pace.We are entering in several local races together and I think she might quit after the 1st one, but I am determined to have her train for the first one before she quits. She is a real trooper.Last night she asked her mommy, “What does he want from me, I mean darn, I am running all the time!”

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