My First Ever Real Race

Golly Gee! Results hereI ran a race. Before I saw the sign for the 1st mile marker I thought I was doing pretty good.My pace was up, and I felt like I was about half way through. After that disappointment I resolved to stop thinking about how far I had to go and just get into listening to my breathing. It was like 98 degrees outside and it was on pavement which was new for me. But they finally had water stands set up around mile 2.Near the last half mile I started to bonk out. I stopped and walked for about 30 seconds twice, which I know added to my time. But overall I guess I was happy. Beat my previous best time on the Lake Loop by 5 minutes.I know that 33 minutes is not exactly Olympic but for me it was a good measure of my progress and dedication to something new.It was pretty funny being beaten by a lot of people who coudn’t drive though. The youngest person to beat me was an seven-year old girl! The oldest person to beat me was 81! But Hey, at least I beat eight people in my age group!.

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