Get me younger Quick.

Okay, so its been longer than a week since I went running. So I thought I’d try to take a class of yoga to stretch me out and prepare me for this morning’s run. It was a beginner class, morning Yoga. So beginner that it was “Free” for all to come. Which I did, there was me, the instructor (a very very helpful woman who was far too patient with this aging codger), and another intermediate level practitioner. I did okay I guess, and it sure did help me run.After taking Cella to school (Only 3 more days left!), I went and grabbed a shot of wheat grass to help my motivation – Did I mention I had been up all night working? The wheat grass came from The Daily Juice a cool funky little juice shop right on the edge of the Lake Loop.   They get an A+ for the store but a F for their stupid website (takes too long to load).Anyway. I ran the 5k in in 29 minutes, my best time yet. But now I am really sore. Can’t tell if it was the Yoga or the run, but I Am convinced I ain’t getting any younger.