Formulae for Regime Change

In December 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi a 26 year old university educated vegetable seller set himself on fire in Tunisia in protest of government corruption and tyranny. This happened after having his produce confiscated for not having a proper permit. He was following an example set some 40 years ago by a buddhist monk in South Vietnam.

So two strategies for Regime change:
7 years of war, 777 Billion Dollar War, ( thousands of dead soldiers, hundreds of thousand injured American servicemen and women, torture prison, hundreds of thousands dead civilians (

Or. Wikileak style transparency

Followed by self immolation,
Followed by social media organised protest, followed by clueless responses by the Regimes.

6 people attempted self immolation in Egypt this week, in case you think things were “pretty okay” in Egypt before the protests began.

Self Immolation in Egypt

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