Farewell Thomas Peake

Thom A Speake. This was his facebook user name. “Young Thomas” Thomas was more than a word smith, he was an artist with lexical paint. In response to the news that Thomas was dead (sadly delivered not in person, or in comfort of voice but by Faceb…

4 thoughts on “Farewell Thomas Peake”

  1. <p>Can you please provide me with info about the December gathering? I’m in Portland and can’t make this Tuesday, but I might be able to make December. Any info would be helpful, thanks. The world has lost a real star.</p>

  2. <p>How is it you can make up ridiculous yankisms like interconnectedness; yet you find it physically impossible to write ‘because’. Is it a disease?</p>

  3. I guess it’s because I am a lazy typist. "b/c" is so obviously a stand-in for because. While interconectedness doesn’t have an obvious abbreviation or short hand.

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