Driftwood and Saltlicks

For a vegetarian I seem to have a hard time resisting barb-b-q. We went down to Driftwood from Austin today (about 15 minutes) to one of the coolest places I have seen in Texas.It was a river/creek that flowed through an amazing ranch.campground where they’ve been hosting the “Old Settler’s Bluegrass Festival” for a couple of centuries now. We saw Ralph Stanley of the Stanley brothers and Marty Stuart, two great performers with amazing bands. Cella had a blast.We jumped in the creek-river together, which was cold. Maybe if I were younger I might have just jumped in naked and gotten arrested. But you know some times with age we learn a few things, like wet jeans are better than over-nights in the county jail. We had so much fund. She didn’t want to jump, so I had to jump in first and then let her jump onto me.Renee got to sit from the comfort of the granite (I think that’s what it was) sidelines and take pictures with her battery-hog Sony Digicam.We rushed out to Target just before we went to pick up folding Captain’s chairs (13$ each, nice) and Cella grabbed some playmobile and coloring books and off we went.We had tiny argument over whether we should just decide to camp, but in the end I think we were all glad to come home (like I said it was only 15 minutes) with the full moon over our heads and crawl into bed after a fantastic Saturday at the campgrounds festival scene.

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