Driftwood and Saltlicks

For a vegetarian I seem to have a hard time resisting barb-b-q. We went down to Driftwood from Austin today (about 15 minutes) to one of the coolest places I have seen in Texas.It was a river/creek that flowed through an amazing ranch.campground where they’ve been hosting the “Old Settler’s Bluegrass Festival” for a couple of centuries now. We saw Ralph Stanley of the Stanley brothers and Marty Stuart, two great performers with amazing bands. Cella had a blast. Continue reading “Driftwood and Saltlicks”

Moving to Denmark

I’ll skip all the this is my blog and here’s what I want to say. We’re moving.We have to get rid of most of our stuff! I’m going to put a bunch of ads on craigs listbut I am certainly going to try and point those ads to here and put up as many pictures of what needs to be got rid of. If you live in the Seattle area, give me a call and let’s make a deal.