Sold 2003 Landrover Discovery II $1900



If you don’t know this vehicle stop reading.  She’s not for you.  Landrovers don’t leak oil, they mark their territory.  This one has seen a lot of love.  Pictures below.

Work I’ve done in the last 2 years:

New Head Gasket and the entire Engine Seal Rebuild.

Basically this kit from Atlantic British:
Land Rover Discovery Head gasket Set






New Battery, New Starter Motor, New Alternator, New (refurbished radiator), New (refurbished) steering pump, A/C Refrigerant Refresh, New Thermostat, New Coolant Reservoir, Replaced front main driveshaft couple, New Plugs and Plug Wires (The good kind).

Work that you might want to do in the next two years:

Refurbish Oil Pump Seals, Replace Headliner.


Driver side Door Dent, O2 Sensor Replacements, Right Rear Bumper Dent.


Engine Condition:

She has the 3 Amigo lights sometimes like all Discovery models.
She idles a little rough (that’s why you want to replace the oil pump seals)
She starts after not using for two weeks and she accelerates like a truck with a V8, because that’s what she has…


IMG_9410 IMG_9412 IMG_9413 IMG_9416 IMG_9418 IMG_9419 IMG_9420 IMG_9425 IMG_9427 IMG_9428 IMG_9429


5 Replies to “Sold 2003 Landrover Discovery II $1900”

    1. Reliable and Landrover don’t belong in the same sentence.
      If you don’t work on cars, have a mechanic as a friend, dont even think about buying this truck.
      It has been our family car for 5 years, but when she decides she needs something fixing, I fix it.
      If I were to take it to the Dealer for Repairs, most repairs would cost more than I’m selling it for.
      I was quoted $3800 just for the Head Gasket replacement I did which cost me only $180 in parts.

  1. The condition of the seats is ‘fair’ no major rips or anything, but they are worn down from 13 years of bums sitting in them. But they are certainly decent. The headliner however has seen better days. It’s not in full on sag or anything, but it needs to be replaced ( a fairly easy job, $200 if you do it yourself, or about $500 if you have someone do it)

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